A multidisciplinary and experienced team focused on developing digital solutions for mature oil fields


Alexsandro Kirch


-BSc in Physics (UFSM)
- MSc in Physics (IFUSP-USP) with focus in nanosystem’s electronic properties
- PhD in Physics (IFUSP-USP) with focus in carbonate/fluid interfacial properties
-Postdoc (Poli-USP) working with natural gas, filtering membranes and mineralization using a multiscale computational simulation approrach



Bruno Jeiss

- BSc Geology (Universidade Federal do Paraná)

- MBA Business Management (Fundação Getúlio Vargas)

- MSc Innovation Sciences (Utrecht University)

- PhD candidate in Petroleum Engineering (Unicamp)


 6+ years of experience in evaluation of exploratory targets, reservoir characterization, play models and petrography




Denilson Stefanelli


- Mathematics (Unicamp)
- MSc in Petroleum Engineering (Unicamp)
- Researcher PhD Student in Petroleum Engineering (Unicamp): Petrophysics – Nuclear magnetic resonance data processing. 


Geophysicist with 10+ years of experience in seismic data processing: Depth imaging and velocity model building.


Luiz Felipe Custódio


- BSc in Petroleum engineering (Poli-USP)

- MSc candidate in artificial intelligence applied to the exploitation of natural resources (Poli-USP)

 Experience in data science projects: data acquisition, integration, cleansing, processing and visualization tools in several areas (CRISP-DM & KDD)


Marcellus Macedo

- BSc Electrical/Eletronic Engineering (UNIFEI - Universidade Federal de Itajubá)
- MSc Computer Science (Unicamp)
- CEAG (MBA like), Business Administration (FGV-SP)

25+ years of experience in multinacional companies acting in leading positions
in the areas of Product, Quality, Process, Manufacturing, Testing and Software Engineering